Our History

Like any great project, the history of the BRSC entails a lot of conflict, intrigue, resistance and finally success. Kirkland City Hall Councillors originally voted 3-3 in favour of the project due to their opinion being divided on the Centre’s balance of diversity representation (with Italian heritage being the majority of membership at the time). Nick Discepola’s vote was the tie breaker which gave the go-ahead and birth of the BRSC. Six women from Kirkland’s organized group the “Amici Della Biblioteca” were against having this community centre located in the Library’s basement for fear the noise from playing bocce would interfere with the functionality and tranquility of the library. Fate, however, intervened and what was destined to be became a reality and a gracious and highly appreciated gift to the Kirkland community.

Nunzio Di Scepola

It is thanks to the idea, conviction and enthusiasm of Kirkland’s Ex Mayor, Nunzio (Nick) Discepola (1989-1992) and hard work put in by the Discepola family, that the originally named “Kirkland Social Community Centre” came into existence as part of the design and construction of Kirkland’s new City Hall and Library – where in the basement of the Library in Kirkland now exists the Benito Rossi Social Centre “BRSC” – the diversified, fun, energetic and very well kept secret treasure of the West Island.

Benito Rossi

Re-named in 2008 in memory of the club’s namesake, Benito Rossi – who was the Centre’s first President. The BRSC houses two indoor working bocce playing fields made from synthetic material that allows for easier maintenance and safer playing for users. It offers card enthusiasts a bridge club, card games, snooker, bocce and bocce tournaments, indoor short-mat bowling, line dancing, drop-in Wednesdays, social events various annual excursions, summer bocce and activities at the Ecclestone Park Chalet and so much more.

Past Presidents

The continuity of the Benito Rossi Centre is thanks to its Past Presidents:

Steve Rozza

Marisa Di Buono

Wayne Chen

and its current Interim President:

Franca Zappavigna