Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct describes how the members of the Benito Rossi Social Centre are to treat each other and socialize together while participating at the centre and any of the social events.

  1. Participating at the centre’s core activities and its annual social events in an atmosphere of respect and civility is the underlying theme in this code.
  2. Members are responsible for holding themselves and each other accountable for displaying actions and behaviors that consistently model socially acceptable etiquette and the ideals expressed in the code.
  3. The Code will ensure an atmosphere where individual members, are free to express their ideas and participate in an orderly and civil manner.
  4. Members listen courteously and attentively to each other’s comments and treat everyone the way we wish to be treated.
  5. Any complaints from its members are to be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee of the Centre in a respectful manner at email:
  6. Violation of the Benito Rossi Social Centre Code of Conduct may result in suspension and expulsion as set out in Article XIII of the Centre’s By-Laws.